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    Investors / Partners For Several Radio Stations

    Earlgjr Newbie
      I am looking for investors or partners to buy one or more radio stations. I have biz plan and everything you need, except the backers or investors. Right now there are three stations I am interested in located in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. We are looking for investors or partners that will join us. Now is the time to act. We have FCC First Class (General) Radiotelephone Licenses, and over 83 years combined experience between the both of us, in the radio business, in all phases. My buddy just bought a station in Georgia and is in the process of adding the FM translator. Anyone interested should contact me as soon as possible. I can provide details at that time.

      I have to be honest upfront. My credit stinks due to my unemployment in the last year. I am looking for hard money investors or partners to avoid the banking industry because I know they are bears for this kind of negativity in credit. Does anyone out there exist that would join us? I know you are out there. Lets do business.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Radio Stations, Welcome

          tell me more. Where are you?? Who is the WE?? How much are you looking for??

          And How long?? Can I read your Business Plan??

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              Earlgjr Newbie

              Hi Luckiest,

              We, are a partner of mine who just bought a station in Ga; and myself. He has over 50 years experience and has been Chief engineer at many stations from New York to San Francisco. He even put an FM on the air and sold it in the early sixties. I have over 43 years experience in radio and have held every position possible in the business except owner. We both have General (First Class) FCC licenses. I am located in Northern Ohio right now and he is located in Ga.

              How much we are looking for depends on what we buy. Just one station alone would need $420,000, and the other two would need $270,000 and $260,000 respectively or a total of $928,000 if bought together. The stations can be bought together or just one at a time.

              Ideally, we would like a hard money loan for ten years, but are open to negotiate this if we can find an investor willing to loan or partner with us. We realize we are at the mercy of whoever we deal with.

              I have a biz plan that is in the ruff, and will give just about all the information a person needs, and yes you can read it if you send me your email address.