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    I don't need funding just a solid credit partner.

    rh1000 Wayfarer
      I am seeking a credit partner for my music management company. We have solid musical artist and a strong marketing partner. Over the last six months we have proof that we have the right artists that can generate large sales digitally creating high profits and new musical stars without a major recording contracts. We have the source to give us the capital we need to take our musical artists to the next level over the next 6 to 12 months generating a large fan base and high profits but we need you help to get there if interested please contact me thanks and God Bless.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          a solid credit partner

          Tell me more. WHERE are you?? (like city and state) How do I get in touch with you??

          Do you have an email?? A phone number??

          I have been involved with the music and film industry for the past 22 years.

          Go to Members page and share some info.

          Thanks, LUCKIEST
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              rh1000 Wayfarer
              Thanks for your response I am located in Los angeles in Hollywood Ca. I have six unsigned artist. My email address is or my phone (ofc) 323-850-8220 Cell 323-572-3449 my splash page for my web episodes is the splash page for my partners is I have a Private Offering Memorandum with 1,200,000 shares of Series A preferred stock to offer but i'm seeking a credit partner to come on as my CFO so i can get the cridet line unsecure to do the marketing to begin building the fan base and sells for my artists. I also have a major digital marketing firm who will do all the marketing to brand my artist and their MP3 music. I also am building a on-line radio station called ( ) hope to hear from you. You having 22 years in the film and music industry do have my attention. God Bless and again thanks for your response. Ray Hall