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    Starting a Styling Salon

    ryanzach14 Newbie
      I am looking to lease space and start a small salon that already has 4 booth renters ready to go. The girls are soley booth renters and work as independant contractors currently and pay their own taxes and will cont. to do so. In order to have a salon you need some type of cosmetology license-which I do not have- but my sister -law does- and she will have to "manage" the salon-its the law. I will need to hire about 3 more people to make this work for me since I am not making money "styling" per say just backing the company, equiping the business and giving them a nice peaceful place to work. The only other way I could make a bit extra is retail and possibly adding a beverage service to the salon. In all it will not make me "rich" but its my passion and some day I might get my estethician license and make it work a bit better. For now, I have 2 young ones and would like to keep my brain working and bring in a little extra money w/out having to go work for someone else fulltime. My degree is in Business/marketing-infact I have a graphic design/website design business out of my home part-time. My question is should I file LLC as I did my home based business??...the leasing agent said he wanted to know how I was filing and that he thought I should file under my personal name (so they can use my credit as backup), as did my accountant "for liability" reasons when renting property I am told. But it doesn't make sense to me to attach my personal "self" to this. I know I will need liability insurance- another question is since I NEED my sister-law to "manage" the business by law to open this-does she need a seperate liability insurance or is everything covered by me?

      So 2 questions: Is LLC the way to go as I originally thought? and does my getting LI cover her and I and the salon?