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    Fraud Alert

    golfheaven Adventurer

      Watch out for offers from APEX LONDON LIMITED I recieved LOI without due dilligence from a post on venture den that said In reference to equity investment we will be happy to invest in your business for so and so please respond on your letter head your acceptance of terms. So i did and directly went to venture den to look at post located another plan in N.C. call person and asked how his funding was going and he said he just received LOI from apex to. well to cut this short it turns out people from ohio according to who is owns the sites and have changed ip address 157 times this year since open in march.

      • I am reminded of other post from last year i read about a broker out of dallas area who was doing something similar "Diva" I believe you made comment on post as well as others.*

      Just giving a heads up any comments or suggestions to this post should be helpful to all.
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          DMIGUY Adventurer
          Unfortunately, if you ask for funding on any forum, you'll no doubt get several from these people. I've received 6 myself. They're easily spotted for what they are simply by reading through what they are offering, which in all cases, is "too good to be true".

          Be careful our there, it's a jungle.
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            DocWalters Newbie
            Hpoe you researched it further........ITS A SCAM!!!

            Beware of Brian Mathews, Richard Henkel, The law firm they will ask you for 3400.00 USD, they are not a real law firm. Apex took their website off line this week. I can give you over 30 names of different companies that they use. They are real people but they know nothing of what is going on..

            They will tell you that your money is in Barclays Bank, then the bank will send you a notice that says you are a tax evader and ask you for 4% of the money then 10% of that. I have all the emails! if you get past that then the FSA will send you a email asking for 150,000 USD in case you are a terrorist.

            It goes on and on.

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              DomainDiva Ranger
              Yes, that company was Ava Business Solutions, Miss Mona Patton I believe is her name. The fax number she was using is a bail bondsmans office.....As a matter of fact Miss Mona has been known to post on this forum as well....trying to defend the indefensible. Evidently she stilll owns the .com domain but her website is no longer up.
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                rwiethop Newbie

                hey golfheaven,

                I haven't spoke to you in a while. I have ideas for you.
                Call me when you get a chance. I lost your number.
                email it to me at
                and I'll call you if you would like.

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                  gegrus Adventurer
                  Thanks, and also please stay away from so called Marwa reserves Group limited.
                  so called based in Liver Pool
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                    gegrus Adventurer
                    Dear users
                    My name is Dmitry
                    I have an idea about frauds
                    Please send me of all frauds you have contacted or seen
                    And i am going to make some kind of catalogue
                    And then i am going to put this list on web site


                    Take care
                    Waiting for replies
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                      Diane528 Newbie
                      This is all so scary. Where do you go to find a legitimate venture capitalist these days? Seems you can't trust anyone anymore. Where is the pride and integrity of the old days when you can take a man at his word and trust the handshake that came with it?
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                          alehart Wayfarer
                          I wish I knew where to tell you where a legitimate investor was. I was scammed twice and someone tried to get me again. I am out thousands. One called AVA Business solutions was the worst. Took alot of people's money and gave nothing back.
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                            gegrus Adventurer
                            It is much more easier to say where real scammers are
                            I was tried to be scammed for more then 10 times already
                            But , i am still searching, and i believe to find investor anyway
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                              alehart Wayfarer
                              I did background checks on the people I was scammed by but since they were new there was nothing yet about them. That is a big red flag. They were both in the United States.
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                                  sage309 Newbie
                                  Also be extremely careful of a poster that was on here LFREEMAN.
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                                      alehart Wayfarer
                                      Yes I have had contact with Mr. Freeman and did a background check and I will just say it wasn't good. Do your homework and stay away from anyone who wants up front money.
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                                        alehart Wayfarer
                                        I had talked to someone from that organization but didn't pursue it.
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                                          alehart Wayfarer
                                          I don't believe most of these so called places are real. I talked to a Tim at this Oceanview place and they wanted money up front and such so I didn't pursue it. I have been burnt by two companies which both got alot of money from me putting my company at risk. I would do a Duns and Bradstreet search and Better Business Bureau on any company and a back ground check on any individual. It is worth the time and money spent and alot less than getting scammed.
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                                              sage309 Newbie
                                              I too spoke with Tim at Oceanview in late 2007/early 08. Super nice guy and very helpful. However you are right they do charge $2500
                                              up front and this is basically to obtain business credit cards. I assume they may have other programs as well but the credit card route
                                              was as far as we got. I truly believe they are legit, but the upfront fee is pretty steep.

                                              Course I'm the dummy that sent $2500 to lfreeman......major lesson learned!
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                                              alehart Wayfarer
                                              Don't beat yourself up too much I got scammed by two people one was AVA Business Solutions and the other Frihet Holding Company. Frihet was legit but misrepresented themselves as far as investing. L Freeman I did a back ground check he is not legit as far as I could tell. Keep up the faith.
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                                                alehart Wayfarer
                                                I certainly hope so. In the future go to us search on the white pages and you can do a background check for about $40.
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                                                    sage309 Newbie
                                                    Thanks.......if I spent that 440.00 beforehand it would have said me $2500!!! My neighbor does work for the FBI and has someone
                                                    looking into this character, plus I have a complaint in to the IRS and Atty.Gen. on lfreeman. I may never get my money back but
                                                    hopefully it will at least shut down a scam.
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                                                        alehart Wayfarer
                                                        All I can say is we live and we learn. I had bad feelings about this freeman character and his background confirmed it. Let me know what the attorney general does. In my case they said no criminal intent was involved although they got many people.
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                                                            nouveau Newbie

                                                            Hello Everyone,


                                                            It feels like this is a "I have been scammed Anonymous" group. It's great people are reporting them here. This is very effective way to help filter out potential scams.


                                                            I am also a victim of a very large organized scam. $14000.00 that is!. This was back in 1998. Everyone in this Venture capital group was arrested by the FBI for over 200 felony counts of fraud.


                                                            Me and my business partners traveled all the way from Texas to West Virginia to meet this Venture capital group. The business was established in a very nice white antique house. When we entered, we were greeted and offered tea or coffee by a nice man in a business suit. In fact, there was nearly 10 men and women dressed professionally walking around looking busy.
                                                            The man we spoke to was an elder man in a very high class business suit. I noticed a picture on the wall with him shaking hands with President Reagan (which later found out was 100% real). We sat down with him and had a long talk about our business plan that resulted in a consultation fee of $14k to compile funds from a pool of investors. Before we moved forward, we did a background check and requested client references. Everything checked out ok.

                                                            We returned to Texas and for a month we called to check the progress every week. Within the next couple of days after our last check in, we get a call from the FBI that this Venture capital group was under a huge investigation and they regret to inform us we were one of the 200th victims.


                                                            We later found out the references we previously checked were in fact real. They helped a couple of companies in the beginning of their operation get funded to help build these references.



                                                            Building a scammer database is a very good idea. It should list phone numbers, names, state, and company names. This could help people cross reference easily.
                                                            It would also be good to have some type of certification by some type of trusted organization. Like a seal of approval.
                                                            Maybe talking to Bank of America to create this scammer database checking system.


                                                            For now these are a couple of ways to filter out potential scams. If these investors are real, they will understand potential clients would like to do these checks.


                                                            • 1. Checking references is still good. Always request it.
                                                            • 2. Do background checks.
                                                            • 3. Do a search in google for any other reported scams (Check the people's names and companies).
                                                            • 4. Dun and Bradstreet check
                                                            • 5. Check this forum for listed frauds
                                                            • 6. Avoid all European transactions unless you know them personally
                                                            • 7. Eventually meet with them in the public to discuss your business plan. Make sure to bring someone with you. If you can afford it, maybe your attorney.
                                                            • 8. Check in with the police (based on what state their established) if the company is already under investigation


                                                            Even though a lot of these scams come from Europe, they're also here in the US. See my notes below regarding scams taking place in every state.


                                                            Do this keyword search in based on every state. You will find these scams in every state.


                                                            For example:


                                                            "Venture capital scam Texas"


                                                            "Venture capital scam New Hampshire"


                                                            "Venture capital scam Montana"



                                                            Good luck to all!
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                                                            TerraGeo Newbie
                                                            Thanks for sharing the informaiton. Like all of you I hate being ripped off and I will be filling complaints against Mr. Freeman in every venue possible. Lets all stay in touch and make sure that the authorities carry through and lets make sure this individual is appropriately charged.

                                                            Terra Geo
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                                                                alehart Wayfarer
                                                                I got a background done on Mr. Freeman. Let me say if you would have gotten one you would never have invested with him. I got nailed from an AVA Business Solutions out of Fort Worth Texas from a woman named Mona Patton who I am seeking to get thrown in jail. I will tell you getting him for fraud is hard to prove at least in Texas where the attorney general said no crime was committed since there was no criminal intent. It is tough to prove and these frauds know it. See if you have any luck I was lucky enough to avoid this one. He struck me odd from the get go and that Bryan Goodal is either him or an accomplice I wouldn't put too much stock in him either.
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                                                      Creditbuilder Scout

                                                      wow!!! I have read your posts and can honestly say its crazy. I think if you are going to spend money with someone, first make sure they are located in the country you want to do business. I like the idea of doing a background check on someone first! There are a lot of brokers here in the USA that have private money that want to invest -- I had one guy buy a Casino. But!!! Its not like they gave him the money. They have an account and when he goes to make a purchase, they pay out that asset using his company name.

                                                      I dont know if what i am talking about is the same, but more info is at

                                                      hope that helps