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    Do anyone have any advice to sell on ebay

    success31 Wayfarer

      How do people sell on ebay and make so much money with all those fees.


      And still make a profit.


      Please help me understand
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          Vince Adventurer
          success31, great question!

          There are thousands of SBOC members that run their business through eBay. I'm sure you'll get some great advice. Jim Griffith was on the site recently, "How to successfully sell on eBay." Check out the thread and see if his expert advice can help.

          Event: How to successfully sell on eBay

          Good Luck,

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            vnavguys Tracker
            Thats good advice, I would read, read and then read some more. There are ton of good books out there. I myself sell certain items on an ebay storefront as well as my ecommerce site. I am very very strategic with my items and know what sells best when. I look at the fees as a marketing cost. Ebay spends millions on marketing, if you can build up a reputation as an expert, it says volume about you. I have been able to get traffic from my ebay offerings to my website, which is the whole reason I do it. It is not my main source of income, but if you want to increase sales by lets say 20%, you can do it.

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              SME_ally Adventurer

              Ebay fees has been extortionately high for sellers. In their
              defense, I guess their high fees are justifiable with the traffic they
              bring. Literally millions view the site on any given month. I
              personally do not like ebay very much. I once bought some Polo shirts from an ebay seller. The shirts arrived
              from some place in India. Right away I could tell they were imitations
              so requested a refund. Was a huge hassle. I guess most buyers are
              ok with fake stuff since the seller had Power Seller status.
              But if you insist on selling on
              ebay, there is a way for you to make money without investing a whole
              lot. Most ebay sellers do dropshipping. This is where you sell products you don't own. If someone buys your product on Ebay, then you just email the supplier the order and have them ship the product to the buyer. This way you don't have to buy inventory and that's how you can make money. Right now I am promoting an affiliate portal that gives you access to thousands of dropshippers. Additionally, with the membership you will get a free Ebay guide to show you how to sell. If you're interested there is a must-see video that shows you tips like how to register on Ebay, quickly getting your feedback status to 100% to build credibility with customers, etc. The membership is a one-time fee of $37.97. Not much to lose especially when you don't have to buy any inventory. So to answer your question about making profit even with the high fees - sellers use dropshippers!

              here is the site