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    Startup business that will pay for itself in 1 year or less.

    Greenfreenrgy Wayfarer

      I am looking for the best grant or financing available for a small town wheelchair bound man with a green power


      generator this generator will utilize several green technologies. It will start as a home business that within a


      few years will grow into a large industry.


      Check out my profile for information.


      I will need $20,000 for the initial startup.
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          Fortis Adventurer
          Hi Greenfreenrgy,

          Good afternoon, hope the day is well. Sounds like it could be something interesting but could you explain a bit more to us about what the company will do and what the funds will be used for?

          Will there need to be any equipment needed for the business? Computers, furniture, machines, tools, software, etc...?
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              Greenfreenrgy Wayfarer

              I was disabled finally while working in the sign industry. I have a top of the line home made computer, a plotter to draw up the template templates, a $5000 program to build signs & which will also build anything else.I already have all the heavy equipment in the sign shop, from a 6' tall drill press and a similar bandsaw a 12' bender which will do up to a 1/2" an 8' shear, a tig welder to an air compressor and every tool I can think of needing, more than enough floor space and storage area, as well as a former partner who will be able to help me with the things I can no longer do. He will be payed on an hourly wage, not as a partner.

              The Unit itself is a battery run generator that will replace a 120/240v 200 amp electrical panel.
              So to answer your question, it will cost between 1500 and 2000 for standard electric with wind charger, a switch starts it up so it can be installed tottally off grid, add another 800 to 1000 for water heater and a small heat exchanger and another 500 to add hot water baseboard heating (which any plumber or heating man can turn into a forced air heating and cooling system).

              Replacing your electric panel will save a customer up to $4000 alone per year(at least here in the NE) I plan on selling the basic package for $12000. I already have several people lined up from NY to CA, I am also going to offer financing for those with stellar credit of 721 and over, with interest of course.

              This accounts for roughly $10000 the other is to place a presence online, some working capital & build replacements as I sell the originals. I will eventually (after word of mouth slows down) advertise on local cable and national newspapers and need more capital for an assembly line, and R&D to make the unit less expensive more efficient and more profitable.