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    Anyone Need Capital for Business?

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          Hello, My name is Stacey Jackson And I am Interested in forming a Non Profit Organization for Youth in and around my Community. My goals are to help Teens in different aspects of life and deal with the growing problems that they face on a day to day basis. I have an EIN number in which I received a year ago and havent gone any further with my ideas. Now that I have finally been receiving Information back from different Parents and Recreational Centers as to the status of my Organization, I want to go further with it. I have a girls Basketball team that has been doing very well and I would like to get more Young people involved in different things to keep them off the streets. I have spoken with many Counselors and will have their help and support. I also have been to a few schools who think that this is a good idea and I am excited about getting it started but dont have the funds to get it going. My credit isnt all that good(which is another issue that needs to be addressed to the youth before they are old enough to get credit and ruin it). My Organization will address such issues as Teen Pregnancy, Peer Pressure, Drugs and Alcohol,Teen Parenting, School issues, and a wide host of other Issues that needs to be addressed. These are our future Presidents, Bankers, Teachers, Preachers, Counselman, and other Important People that are in high standings and we must treat them as future leaders and help them so that they can in return help us. Thank you, STACEY JACKSON