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    Daytona Beach Surfing Co. needs startup funding!

    Rammava Newbie
      We have a small company with big ideas and excellent connections, but need funds to get the products manufactured. Our company is called Rammava, Inc. we have started our own label and will be producing everything from surf boards to clothing, including all accessories. We have registered our company with the U.S. Patent Office for 3 different classes of products (expensive).

      We are in need of an investor or some sort of funding to help us launch our winter line of goods. We have talked to many different vendors including the owner of 15 franchises of Maui Nix that are ready to order our product, but we are in need of about $32,000 to get our products to the stores. We have the vendors, the sport Pros and world class designers, just missing the cash to get started.

      If anyone can help, please reply,

      Alex L
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Daytona Beach Surfing Co, Welcome Alex

          *How long have *you been in business?? Or are you a start up business??<br<br />Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan. It will be one of the first items
          an investor or lender will want to see.

          How long will you need the funds for??

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Fortis Adventurer

            Good afternoon, hope all is well. Sounds like a great product. Can you tell us a bit more where the funds will go or is it all for inventory? Will the company be manufacturing the products as well?

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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              I believe Daytona Beach has an enterprise center, an economic or community development group, and/or a business incubator program. I also think the community college there has at least one person who is very active in small business development. I would seek out those contacts. There might be some local programs that could provide half the funds in micro-loans, and perhaps a local investor who might offer the other half. In any case, I'd think because your business potentially brings outside dollars into the community, and keeps local dollars there, you'd have a good chance of getting local support and qualifying for something that most of us wouldn't know about. I'd certainly check it out if you haven't already. Good luck.