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    Marketing new acne treatment product

    Saisan Newbie
      I offer a new product for acne treatment which contains Niacinamide - safe for pregnant women/nursing mothers looking for acne treatment and yet clinically proven to be superior to antibiotics such as clindamycin - plus no side effects.
      My questions:
      1. How do I effectively market via internet and reach a larger target demographic etc.?
      2. How do I find distributors/marketeers/commisioned agents to mass market this product?

      Thanks for your anticipated suggestions!
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          GrowthCurve Adventurer
          The acne market is huge.

          One option would be to set up an affiliate program. You would go to a place like Commission Junction ( then seek out people who will market your product for in exchange for a commission.

          Don't underestimate how easy this is, however, It takes work to set up a good affiliate program, but if you have an army of 10,000 people out there trying to sell your product, the sales can add up fast.

          About your is not at all optimized for search engines, and I doubt you will get much traffic from organic searches. You might consider pay per click (PPC) advertising, but I am thinking that this is a very competitive search term. Also, if you're not going to do all of the work necessary for a good PPC campaign (landing pages, etc.), then I would not bother.

          Why don't you sell the product direct on your site? Why through Amazon only?

          Also about your need some before/after photos, and you need some testimonials. You also need to really work on the copy for the site and make it sell better.

          The good news is that there's a huge market for what you're selling, but you have a bit of work to do if you really want to make money with it.

          I wish you well.
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              Saisan Newbie
              Hello Growthcurve - tell me more about what you mean by - not optimized for search engines.
              I do appreciate the time you have taken to visit my site and comments. I will check out the commision junction. Thanks.
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                  GrowthCurve Adventurer
                  This is probably a good place to start with respect to search engine optimization:


                  For example, your home page has the title page, "Home," which is a mistake. Your home page (and all pages) should have keywords that are relevant to the site's/page's content.

                  Also, your pages themselves are not optimized for search engines...the copy, the formatting, the lack of H1 tags, meta tags, and so on.

                  Your site is also not ranked at all by Google (not even a zero ranking), which means you have probably not submitted it. Actually, that's probably a good thing at this stage as your site is not really ready for prime time just now. Better to wait until you make your tweaks and then submit to Google.

                  Having said this, it will not be easy to get a good ranking for broad terms like "acne" or "acne treatment." But you might find that you can successfully get good rankings for narrower search terms (perhaps "niacinamide for acne"). Better to be on the first page for a lot of lesser searched terms than out of sight on the more popular ones.