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    Investing in advertising on related sites

    winnie500 Newbie

      I have an internet site As with many ecommerce businesses, the opportunities to advertise on related sites seems endless. Most sites offer a range of advertising opportunities from expensive banners to simple one-line links. There are many sites that are very relevant to the products we offer and, of course, they promise a high volume of traffic. I have taken a very cautious attitude towards this type of advertising investment as websites come and go so quickly and they are often so cluttered that the odds of a visitor actually seeing your link is slim.

      Has anyone had a reasonable amount of success with this type of advertising? I have invested in print ads and, from what we have been able to track, they seem to bring a reasonable amount of sales. However, a website is a lot different than a print magazine.

      How do I know I will not be throwing my money away? Besides the obvious, what should I look for when considering an advertising investment on a related site?