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    Learning to start a business

    RonBurgundy Newbie

      This is for my entrepeneurship class. It would be a huge help if someone answered these questions and left a name and email. Thanks!


      What is your business and how do you do your business?


      What would you say influenced you to go into the business you went into? When did you get the idea and what made you follow through with it?


      How feasible did this seem at the time?


      What made you think your business was going to work out and ultimately not go out of business? Has this turned out to be true so far?


      What impact do you think your business has on society? Do you like the impact it has on society? If not, why did you start the business you started?


      Did you go into business by yourself or with the help of others?


      When starting out, did you develop a business plan? Why or why not? And if you did, what do you think was the most important part of that document?


      Do you have any advice to young entrepreneurs starting out today?