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    Looking for suggestions, options and alternatives.

    Brazos Newbie
      I'm new to this forum. It looks very interesting but I'm a bit concerned that there are a few sharks swimming around with us guppies.
      I'm self employed healthcare professional. I've been in business for 14 plus years. I started out in debt. Student loans, real estate, equipment etc...
      In my business I have to accept insurance payments as a major part of my income. Before say 09/11/2001, there was something caused usual, reasonable and customary. That doesn't exist anymore. I'm in the strange position of charging whatever I want. It doesn't matter. The insurance carriers pay what they want, regardless. If I charge $250.00 for something for example and the insurance says no, we pay $25.00 for that, I'm stuck! Thanks for the $25.00.
      Over time my income has decreased. I'd say it ranges today to 1/4 to 1/2 of what it was prior to 9/11. Problem is, overhead is the same and in some areas higher. At this point, I've basically exhausted my liquid resources. I do have a piece of commercial property that would appraise more than $400,000.00. I have a note on it for about $120,000.00, maybe less. I've had it up for sale. The equity would get me off this hump I'm stuck on. Since the market is currently soft, I'm not getting any bites. I'm in Central Texas. I'm sure it's better than most other places... but still soft. I was thinking about doing a cash-out refinance with a balloon note if I could find the right funding source.But as I say,I'm looking for suggestions, options and alternatives. Plus, I don't want to get bit!
      By the way. The commercial property is currently vacant. It was leased to HealthSouth. They sold to Health Select who didn't renew the lease. The property was leasing for $3400.00 per month. Since it was set up as a physical therapy facility, it still has most all the equipment. A therapist could walk in and take it over easily. But it is quite adaptable to other uses as well. It is on the main roadway in town across from the elementary school. Highly visible. Thanks in advance.