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    Leisure,Tourism & Hospitality Industry.

    BOASBIZ Wayfarer
      Any body out there in the Leisure,Tourism and the Hospitality industry?. I'm contemplating starting a business in this area and would like to start a conversation on any other details from start up to building this business.

      Looking forward to hear from the forum Champions - Luckiest,Lighthouse24,DomainDiva,Iwrite etc
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Thank you for the great compliment. I'm obviously not in that industry -- and while I do have a few clients that are, they are large companies and my involvement with their "inner workings" is limited to operations management and facility maintenance. So to the degree that those experiences would transfer to planning and launching a smaller enterprise, I'll be happy to offer whatever insight I can!
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              BOASBIZ Wayfarer

              Thanks lighthouse for your matured and polite response to my post. Your seriousness,style and touch of professionalism needs to be emulated by all. I will keep on researching on the industry and keep you posted of my findings.

              Thanks again.
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                  hmutaii Newbie

                  My names are Hudson Mutai, and am from Kenya , East Africa. I am
                  looking for an investor in the tourism industry. Tourism is a service
                  industry which has no limit unlike other types of investment. East
                  Africa has all it takes interms of tourism satisfaction. Am looking for
                  any one willing to invest in the industry and I will be willing to give
                  any information required interms of setting up the venture.
                  The capital investment for the industry will be minimal. I beleave you
                  are willing to invest in any business I would advice tourism. Get
                  intouch so that we can share alot concerning the type of tourism
                  investment available in Africa, Eastern Africa. Kenya has enough room
                  for investors in the tourism industry from hotels, villas, ticketing
                  car hire and many more. you can get intouch with me on


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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Leisure,Tourism & Hospitality Industry, You have 26 posts since January
                and I still have no idea who you are or where you are located??

                On Members page it says "Import/Export,Leisure/Hospitality & Tourism"

                You tell me more about you, yourself and business that you are contemplating and then
                I would be happy to have a conversation on details from start up to building this business.

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