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    Wanting equipment, but no funds nor the

    tangible Newbie
      Hi, I a a single mother with my heart on owning my own restaurant. I work fulltime, but I work the hours that a single mother should not be working. I hate my job because I hate working for other people. I have alot of plans in my head but I can't seem to fit them on a business plan. Luckiest, this is where you come in. I've been to a SCORE workshop and received all the info on starting a business plan, but I can't seem to put it on paper. I have 3 different businesses in my head. However the one that I am working on right now is in need of a catering truck that costs about 45k lease w/option to buy after 36 months. In other words I do not have the capital for the 1st months lease nor the 10% required for the down payment. Basically, I am in need of a miracle. Currently, I am selling plates to the public. I can make the money doing this, however, selling plates is really not good according to the Environmental of Health Dept. esp if you do not have a permit. And I don't want to be sited for it. The only way to get a permit where I live is to have an existing rest. that is not occupied by anyone else. The only way that I can do this without the cost of much of the adding on and getting building codes etc.. is to purchase a catering truck. Please help!! If you know of any other ways I can go about getting this I would greatly appreciate any advice. My credit score isn't all that either.