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    Computer Repairs and Sales Business

    thereverend Newbie
      I am wondering where i can tell people on this community about my company.
      I sell and repair computers and want people to know if they are in need of 1 or 10000 computers
      that they can buy new systems thru our company. All money spent with us stays local. Our
      tech support is second to none and is located locally as well. We offer 3 year warranties on ALL computers
      sold to home or businesses.

      A example of a system we are now selling is :

      2.8 Ghz Dual Core Processor
      320 Gig Hard Disk Drive
      2 Gig Memory
      19 Inch LCD Screen
      Windows XP or VISTA Pre Loaded
      Mirosoft Office Preloaded ($299 Value)
      3 Year Standard Warranty ($150 Value)
      Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers Included

      All for just $599

      So if you back out the savings of the $299 and the $150 you really
      paid only $150 for the computer REALLY!!!

      If you are interested or know where i can place this info on this site please let me know
      We are open 10am To 7pm Monday Thru Friday

      Located in Schenectady, Ny