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    Small business opportunity as CPR-First Aid Instructor!!!

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      DO YOU WANT TO establish your own training center business???

      DO YOU WANT TO TEACH CPR, AED, First Aid and Emergency Oxygen Administration Courses in your community and make money at the same time?

      There's unlimited income potential if you become an instructor with EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE!!!!

      You can start your business right away with an investment of less than FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($500)!!! CPR & First aid courses currently cost around $40-65 per person. You can expect a full return of your investment after teaching ONE CLASS of TEN (10) students!!! Just ONE CLASS!

      IF YOU ARE...eighteen (18) years old and have completed a sanctioned course in adult, child and infant CPR & First Aid within the past 24 months.





      Emergency First Response is the fastest-growing international CPR, AED and first aid training organization. With more than 31,000 instructors worldwide, EFR is backed by 36 years of experience in the development and delivery of instructional courses, training materials and educational curricula. Emergency First Response courses have gained widespread international acceptance.

      Focused on training the lay rescuer, the EFR approach to training builds confidence in lay rescuers and increases their willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency by teaching them the skills they need in a non-stressful learning environment.

      In terms of general acceptability of the EFR credentials - both for the Instructor and responder-level credentials - are widely accepted and recognized here and abroad (US, UK, Aus and Asia Pac). And meets and exceeds OSHA standards and requirements and the CA EMS Authority. This also means that EFR instructors and their credentials are recognized globally and instructors may conduct EFR programs anywhere in the world.

      As EFR Instructor you can conduct any of the following FOUR COURSES together or separately!!!

      1. EFR Primary Care (CPR)

      2. EFR Secondary Care (First Aid)

      3. Including CPR-AED and Emergency Oxygen Administration for Adults, and

      4. EFR Care for Children (CPR, AED, First Aid & Emergency Oxygen Administration for Infants & children)

      :: Medical Professionals such as EMT's, Paramedics, RN's, LVN's and current instructors from another agency are eligible for the crossover (reciprocity) program! ::

      You may also visit for more information.


      FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) About Emergency First Response Instructor Courses

      Q. What courses can I teach as an Emergency First Response Instructor?
      A. As an Emergency First Response Instructor, you are qualified to
      teach Adult, Child and Infant CPR, Automated External Defibrillator
      (AED) use, first aid and emergency oxygen administration.

      Q. What are 10 advantages of becoming an Emergency First Response Instructor?
      1. It's easy -- With a worldwide network of Instructor Trainers, you
      can attend the Instructor course at a site near you. If you already
      have a current instructor certification with another agency, you may
      be able complete the Instructor Crossover course by Independent Study.

      2. Outstanding Business Support: From prompt shipping of training
      products to customized marketing support materials, Emergency First
      Response is dedicated to providing you with the utmost in business

      3. Quality Educational Materials: Our training manuals follow current
      emergency care guidelines and have gained acceptance around the world.
      In addition, our award-winning video features realistic lay-rescuer
      scenarios and is designed for independent study.

      4. You can help others - by teaching lay rescuers life-saving
      techniques that they can use during a medical emergency.

      5. You can supplement your income by teaching courses to individuals,
      businesses and community groups

      6. Shorter classroom hours - our independent study model provides a
      focused learning environment and entails less classroom time for you
      and your students.

      7. Performance-Based Training - Students master skills in a low-stress
      learning environment to develop the confidence to provide care when
      faced with a medical emergency. The courses' flexible delivery methods
      allow you to customize the training to meet specific student's needs.

      8. Independence - you don't have to work through a chapter or training
      center as required by some agencies and there are no market
      restrictions on where you can teach.

      9. Convenience and flexibility - our adult, child and infant CPR, AED
      and First Aid courses can be taught together or alone in any

      10. Competitively Priced Training Materials! - Our materials are
      competitively priced to meet or beat the competition.

      Q. How long does the Emergency First Response Instructor course take?
      A. Instructor course takes about 14 hours over a period of two days.

      Q. What are the prerequisites for the Instructor course?
      A. To enter the Emergency First Response Instructor course, you must
      be 18 years old and have completed adult, child and infant CPR and
      first aid training in the past 24 months. If you do not meet the
      prerequisites, you must take additional training before you take the
      Instructor course. See questions below for details.

      Q. I am a current Medical Professional (EMT, Paramedic, Nurse or
      Doctor). Do I qualify for the Instructor Course?
      A. Yes! As a current medical professional you are qualified to enter
      the Emergency First Response Instructor Course without first
      completing the Emergency First Response Primary Care, Secondary Care
      or Care for Children courses.

      Q. What if I am already an Instructor with another certifying organization?
      A. Instructors with current certifications from other certifying
      organizations are eligible for the Emergency First Response Instructor
      Crossover course. You may be able to complete this course by
      Independent Study.

      Q. What if I completed a CPR/First Aid provider course but my card has expired?
      A. If you've have previous CPR, AED and First Aid training for adults,
      infants and children but your card is expired, you must first complete
      the Emergency First Response Primary Care, Secondary Care and Care for
      Children courses. This training can be completed in as little as one
      day and can be provided by your Instructor Trainer in conjunction with
      your Emergency First Response Instructor course.

      Q. What if I have a current Emergency First Response CPR/First Aid
      card for adults, but not children?
      A. You must take the Care for Children course before you can take the
      Instructor course, which takes about a day. This course can be
      provided by your Instructor Trainer in conjunction with your Emergency
      First Response Instructor course.

      Q. What if I've never had any CPR or First Aid training?
      A. No problem! All you need to do is complete the Emergency First
      Response Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care and Care for Children
      courses first. This takes about a day. This course can be provided by
      your Instructor Trainer in conjunction with your Emergency First
      Response Instructor course.

      Q. Who sets the price for the courses I teach?
      A. You do. We can provide you with general guidelines, but you will
      ultimately be the one to determine your price.

      Q. Are there continuing education opportunities for Emergency First
      Response Instructors?
      A. Emergency First Response offers a full range of instructor level
      courses including the Instructor Trainer Course and the First Aid at
      Work (Great Britain) and First Aid at Work (Asia Pacific). Coming
      soon: Bloodborne Pathogens. Also, some Emergency First Response
      Instructors have not yet taken the Emergency First Response Care for
      Children Instructor Course. This course is strongly recommended.
      Please contact your local office for information. (Note: Care for
      Children is now a mandatory part of the Emergency First Response
      Instructor Course.)

      Q. How do I sign up?
      A. Call your local EFR Instructor Trainer today at Phone: +1-323-5723668 or Email: for the schedule and fees of the EFR Instructor Course.