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    E-commerce needs your feedback

    mattlilly Newbie
      Hi Everyone,

      First I would like everyone for creating this community.

      I would like your feedback on our website: we offer print products to small and medium sized businesses.
      Most of our customers order business cards (free and premium).

      We would really appreciate your opinion as a small business and how we can improve the service, the process, the experience etc...

      We are open to all suggestions.

      Thank you all.

      Matt Lilly
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          E-commerce needs your feedback, Welcome

          Monday August 11, The Wall Street Journal had an article

          "How to Create A Successful Web Site For Nothing"

          It might help you, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            This is my "first impression" feedback, never having visited your site. First it is crystal clear what you're selling, the site is attractive and well-organized, and it was easy to navigate to specific products and pricing. I really liked that -- all good things. On the downside, the prices were high (very high on some products) in comparison to other web-based printers, so I tried to look for what your company does or has that makes you worth it (e.g., a list of printing/processing equipment that superior to the competition, management and employees who have exceptional printing or design experience, awards and referrals that rave about your customer service, etc.). I didn't find any of that -- though I did see that you're socially responsible, eco-friendly, and plant trees. That's wonderful on your part and I care about it, but not enough to make me pay 250 percent more for something (if that makes sense). In other words, I looked at the site and quickly concluded that I could get the same products and services for a lower price elsewhere -- and I think that may be a customer impression you'll have to find a way to overcome to really build your business. Hope that feedback helps. Best wishes.
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                mattlilly Newbie
                Hi Lighthouse24,

                Thank you very much for the feedback.

                We are an eco-friendly company practicing green printing. We have eliminated the usage of harming photo-processing chemicals, we design products that use 30% less paper, we use either recylced paper or purchase paper that comes from responsibly manage forestlands.
                Bizcard also plants one tree for every purchasing order we receive.

                I totally agree with you on the adding a list of Managers and their experience. For example our co-founder and CEO Nuri Riazzati started his first printing company the ABC Group about 15 years ago. I think it is a great idea for others to see the faces of this business.

                Regarding the price, I am a bit confused to why you said we are higher than other providers. If you compare us one of other industry leaders (Vistaprint or PrintingForless or Moo) you will actually find our prices silghtly lower than there.

                Bizcard is different in other ways as well. For example we offer free business cards with no ads, logo or message on the back. We constantly update our free design catalog and unlike other providers the same user can order free business cards several times. We use a good quality of paper as welll. Also we offer the slim cards and square cards design for free.

                Thanks again LightHouse, all your suggestions are very valuable and they will all be taken into consideration.
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger
                    To help explain the "confusion," this is what I'm seeing for 500 standard postcards, uploaded design, full color on one-side: Your listed price $49.95, VistaPrint $39.95, local printer $43.30 (but no shipping costs or other fees). I didn't look at every product -- just those I buy.
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                        mattlilly Newbie
                        Thank you LightHouse24,

                        The confusion comes from the pricing page. 500 Business cards, uploaded design, front and back is 45 dollars at Bizcard (29.95 + 15.00) , and 48 dollars at Vistaprint (29.99 + 4.99 + 12.99).

                        I do appreciate you pointing this out because it means we should improve the pricing page and make it easier for everyone to understand.

                        Thank you LightHouse24.