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    Want to open a pet daycare, boarding, grooming business...

    BestPets31503 Newbie

      ...but I am not sure how to start the process. I do not have alot of money and I need to know how to find out how much I will need to have to start the business.

      I looked at a vet's office that has closed due to merging and opening another business in town and the office is already set up for the type of business I want to open. The building is around $168,000 and consists of three buildings and a fenced back yard. The vet stated that he would make a deal with me if I bought the office and opened the business that we could refer clients to one another, because they get to where they hardly have room and I could board the dogs for them. I am not sure is and how I could use this to my advantage if I purchase the building.

      I have so many ideas for the business but I have NO CLUE where to start in planning for it and how to get financed. I bought a home last year, so there is no money there to take out a home equity loan and I don't think I want to use my home for collateral.

      There is only one other boarding facility in this town, which does not have an outside area for the dogs, so I know my business would be beneficial to the area. I also want to provide pick up and drop off services, but am not sure how that would work with transporting animals.

      How do I find out about licensing and taxes and everything that I would need to know to start the company (or atleast get all of the numbers together to have some kind of knowledge)