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    Are marketing videos efficient on internet

    NatOnline Tracker
      Are marketing videos efficient on internet?

      I am wondering if marketing videos on internet attract visitors and do these visitor convert into sales/customers?

      What is your opinion?

      Thank you
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          Iwrite Pioneer

          Are marketing videos efficient? Yes if the message is crafted correctly.

          Do they attract visitors and convert them into sales? Yes, but the sales may not be recognized instantly.

          My opinion is that a well crafted video can deliver for a business.

          It doesn't have to be high dollar production with special effects but it does have to be engaging and informative. There is a major shift with the clients that I am working with to use as much video as possible for everything from product demonstration to branding to cross selling on their websites. Clients are requesting this because they are maturing in their view of what a website is and does for thier business.

          YouTube has proven that it doesn't have to over the top, just engaging.
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              NatOnline Tracker
              I am not looking for something fancy, I just want to try.

              I've got a project with a photo montage video, and perhaps it will be another way to market

              It can be very cool with a nice music and colorful slideshow.
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  The most important part is going to be the message. Make sure it is interesting and covers the points you want to cover. I would explore the transitions that your video editing program has and take full advantage of them. Don't make all of them the same.

                  I think you should try it. It can be both cool and effective. Maybe offer a special phone number or promotion code so that you can gauge the response rate. I agree that it should be simple at first.

                  Good luck.
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                      NatOnline Tracker
                      Well it is pretty difficult to put a message, because the pictures talk by itself.

                      A slideshow video may just invite the visitors to our site, the reel message is there not on the video. I would like visitors to be curious, so the message is just "come visit us", nothing else.
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                          Iwrite Pioneer
                          I am not disagreeing with you. The message can be conveyed through words or images, the point is to
                          have a message to convey. I never said
                          it had to be written, I said it had to be present. Non verbal communications works to set the tone and feel for a business.

                          It sounds like you have something you believe will work and I applaud you for being brave enough to do something more than the basics.

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                              NatOnline Tracker
                              Thanks Iwrite for your kind comments.

                              All I can say is that we must find new ways to promote our company. There are some fantastic tools now for internet, and networks supporting them. I guess the principal is keep going to communicate, promote and decide people who never bought these products to buy from us.

                              That's one of our challenge, and hope it will pay off. We've got two fantastic vendors supporting us and providing the best products they can offer us.

                              We also have the privilege to buy from one of them a few products not available for other stores, and get access to their lab research team, which can show you how open minded they are.

                              Well I will let people know how we did with this video on internet.

                              Have a fantastic day Iwrite.
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                                  Iwrite Pioneer
                                  No problem. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to me. Or just have a question or concern. Here's one of my emails:

                                  FYI, remember there's no rule that says you can't barter for help. I know for a fact that some creatives and directors will be more than willing to help sometimes if they are allowed to be more creative. I have had jobs produced for little or nothing this way. Creatives are looking to build their books and if you can get a better quality work by letting them be more creative, who loses? I still give away ideas myself. You wouldn't believe the ideas I have for a lot of the members here. I keep my family and friends laughing with the concepts I come up with for folks. Wait until you see the invitation I am helping DomainDiva with. It is nice.

                                  Getting plugged into the local advertising community can sometimes be a real benefit.

                                  I really hope this works for you.

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                                      Vince Adventurer

                                      Do you have a barter relationship with DomainDiva? Either way, it's great your helping a fellow member. I wish there were more posts like this.

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                                          Iwrite Pioneer
                                          Not really a barter but a BOA Small Business Forum Discount! LOL

                                          She and I met and talked about small business, and I offered her some suggestions for things they can do for her new product launch. She is fortunate enough to have a very qualified marketing person on staff. All I did was help point them in the right direction. And during our talk, we realized there's a very nice invitation idea that will cost her little to no money except printing and mailing that she can do. I am attending her company meeting this weekend here in Dallas.

                                          I would be happy to barter but we were never able to figure out how to make it work here. Lighthouse pointed out correctly that my services, like his, are geared towards larger companies. So, both of us and some others provide information here that would cost a nice amount if you were to contact us away from here. We are not the only ones, there has been some advice on here that was worth thousands of dollars but I don't think people realize what they are getting.

                                          Thanks for the compliment. I still need to write my article. Shhh.
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                                            LUCKIEST Guide
                                            marketing videos

                                            Vince, you talk about barter relationships (like DD & Iwrite)

                                            How can we (like you and me) have the same relationship if there is NO

                                            way to contact you. Like email, phone number??

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                                            NatOnline Tracker
                                            Hi Iwrite,

                                            Here what I did, It is not super duper and hope it would be not to bad for my first commercial

                                            Please let me know what you think good or bad, so next time it would be better.

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                                intechspecial Ranger
                                If your videos are well planned out and done extremely well, then yes they are more then just an effective way of doing business on the internet.

                                With the billions of visitors their are on the internet every day on social networking sites, why not use video as a marketing method?
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                                  midilizard Newbie
                                  I'm definitely a big believer in using video to promote what you have ~ as long as what you have is good! Check out some of our work :
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                                    Christy09 Wayfarer
                                    If you are doing video marketing, there is one place to go.. Its a video distribution site wherein you upload your videos on tubemogul and simply distribute it to well known video sites such as youtube, myspace videos, yahoo, google and etc. One good thing is tubemogul also has a online reports that tracks your videos.