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    Teen looking for advise on T-Shirt business.

    smartgirl793 Newbie

      Hello and thank you for looking at my question.

      I am a 14 year old, sophmore in high school planning to start a T-shirt business. I've noticed in my school that many students create t-shirts for school activities and spirit week. So i've used that idea to start a business creating more advanced T-shirts for my classmates. There are many printing/fabric companies in my area, but they are expensive and require you to buy shirts in bulk. I feel that my business would be geared towards people who only wanted a small amount of customized shirts for a low price.

      The only problem with my idea is the start-up cost. I do not come from a wealthy family, ahd they will not be able to help me with the cost. The printer i need is $200, and the special fabric paper i need is $15/12 sheets. For me, this is VERY expensive and i need ideas for the start-up cost. Another problem i have is that i also have to raise money for my trip to this year's presidential inaugaration. I was selected to go as a People to People student leader, and the cost of that trip is over 2k. I'm very excited at the oppurtunity, but i am financially challenged.

      If you can, please help me with my problems. I will be glad to listen to any advice and comment back to what you post. THANK YOU