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    Bio-Photonic Scanner "The Only Nutritional Lie Detector"

    notaging Wayfarer

      *+"The Nutritional lie de
      The Pharmenex Bio-Photonic Scanner is the world's _ONLY _measuring tool to utilize technology to give you an immediate reading of carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin.
      This skin Carotenoid Score gives you an indication of how well your body is fighting cell damaging free radicals. Using the scanner helps you see how well the products you are taking are actually doing.
      The Bio-Photonic Scanner combined with "lifepak nano and g3-comprehensive supplements designed to improve your body's antioxidant levels-_gives you a unique marketing position no one else has._

      No more can nutritional companies "say" their products are the "best"- they've got to prove it now!


      Nutritional companies can no longer just hire a professional athlete to hold up their product and say "I use this, so should you".


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