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    what to do.................

    scassociates Newbie
      HI, I have a fairly large contract with my State, sale and delivering plastic laminate materials to they facilities and this contract would last for the next year, i was hoping my bank it would it help me to have the working capital ( and repaying the capital every 30 days) for this particular project and the bad part i am going to lose this contract because i haven't being able to delivery this goods, unfortunately once when they have cancel this contract with my company they wont aloud my company to compete for future contracts with them.

      The collateral my company has, is old according by the bank so they wont used it and i am in working process with my business plan, my personal credit is good, if i have to used it as a personal warranty, but i would prefer my company start creating some sort of credit history so i can stop using my personal score,

      any good idea every body?