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    Opening a salon

    genie_m_ross Wayfarer

      I'm one of a two party partnership currently trying to open a salon in metro Atlanta. We've had little to no luck getting anything out of the Georgia SBDC (Small Business Development Center). We went to one class and then were in contact with the woman who taught the class. We emailed our business plan to her and two weeks later received it back with little more than junior high revisions mostly based on very elementary argument strategy and grammar. Two weeks after replying with our revised copy, still nothing. What we need is help getting together our start up costs. These seem to differ greatly depending on where we open. The problem is that the company we are trying to open the salon through (a specific product line) has to approve the location. But that company doesn't want to talk with us until we are ready to spend the $20K buying their product line. It's the whole chicken-before-the-egg thing and we're getting extremely frustrated. Does anybody have any advice? Any direction to steer us? We're starting to feel that we need something from somebody who knows about the salon industry because I feel that a lot of people in their own small businesses don't understand the seasonality of the salon industry or how widely our start up costs can differ depending on our location.

      Please help! We're in dire need!
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          Chrisatwork Newbie

          Hello, and Welcome to the world of Small Business- it means frustration, stress, and a lot of work!

          All joking aside, owning your own business is the American Dream. I've been an accountant for 6 years now. Specializing in small business start-up, I also do contract accounting work aside from my full time job as a accounting manager. Networking is critical, check out your chamber of commerce.

          Here are some other tips on funding.
          A great place to start is your state government's website. I am familiar with nevada, so I would goto They will have an area for small businesses and they are a great place to start for funding your new business.
          Another helpful site is
          You will find great assistance on goverment grants for small businesses. There are programs in place for minorities, women, and veterans. Check out the section with grants.

          Good Luck.

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            HarmikBurbank Wayfarer

            Location is one of most important factor, especially with salon. don't go cheap on location. second think I would recomend would be demographic of the area very important edge,income,race all this matter very much in you business.


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              JVCruz Adventurer

              A few other places to try if you haven't already.

              Virgin Money - to help with borrowing money from family members and friends

     - This where a community of people will help fund your request handled through Prosper.

              Another thing to do is to research your area and demographic. Have it all in a business plan. It is more difficult to start-up a new business and get funding. Have you tried to see about buying an existing business? Creditors are more likely to take a risk on an existing business that can show a history.

              Hope this helps.

              JV Cruz