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    Employee Training Solutions

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      We are World Class Educational Services.

      Considering the fact that a well-educated, professional educator puts in approx. 80-100 hours developing each course and also offers time scoring and making themselves available for emails, that's a pretty meager fee for all the time that has gone into delivering the course to the student. What World Class does for business owners is that we eliminate the excess costs(training staff) associated training new employees and we tailor the training to the business owners needs.

      For business owners we aim to provide professionally developed and guided, affordable courses that have been stream-lined -- edited with time-consciousness in mind. We know that those who opt for taking a course online are doing so mostly for convenience, affordability and freedom to navigate through a course at ones pace for maximum results. We want to provide education solutions that work for business owners -- education they can access anywhere, on their time schedule, and as much or as little as they want.

      Currently we are offering training solutions for most all occupations, to list a few:

      Truck Drivers
      Waiters & Waitresses
      Fast Food Service Workers
      Truck Drivers, Light
      Home Health Aides
      Correctional Officers
      Office/Admin Support
      Reception & Information Clerks
      Laborers, landscaping
      Marketing/Sales Supervisors
      Hand Packers & Package
      Telemarketers/Door Sales
      Assemblers & Fabricators
      Janitors & Cleaners
      Service Managers
      First Line Supervisors
      Personal/Home Care Aides
      Restaurant Cooks

      ...and many, many more.

      Do you have a custom request? E-mail us!

      All business owners can contact us directly at