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    How your business is doing with the actual economy?

    NatOnline Tracker
      I have noticed that several businesses in Nevada are going out of business unfortunately and it is always sade when that's happen.

      For those doing business on internet, how are you doing through the actual economy?

      Many e-commerce show a declined traffic, are you agree with this statement?

      Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How your business is doing with the actual economy??

          YES I agree with your statement that traffic and business has declined

          from Car Sales to attendance at Disney and that was before all these hurricanes.

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            Faerie Wayfarer
            My sales are up about 25% this year - not as high a rate as last year but still growing. There are a number of factors that contribute to this. First I sell a lot of items that aren't available to people locally. I also am targeting a market segment less impacted by rising costs. Another factor in increasing our B2B sales is that a number of businesses are cutting back. We've picked up a number of small accounts that need new suppliers.
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              wahegurujii Newbie

              I am also one of the victim of this slow economy. Our travel business went down from 4 people to 1 in past 4 months and now our owner has finally decided to wind up things by September end.

              The country we proudly live in was based on Free Enterprise System and today the survival for a small business is down to zero.

              People feel more secure in working for someone rather than taking the risks. We have lost the power of dream and we have lost the power of progressive thinking. Once the DREAM is restored in people's life the country will be back on track with all those good things we used to see around here.
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger
                  I guess it's a matter of perspective. I don't know anybody in America who doesn't have a dream. I do know people who've suffered some real setbacks recently, and their dreams are a little farther away now -- but they still have them. I know people who are risk-takers, and people who aren't, but they've always had dreams. I know people who have a plan to pursue their dreams, and people who don't. I know people who'll do whatever work it takes to achieve their dreams, and people who won't. It seems to me that it's always been that way.
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                  socrates Newbie
                  Ours is exponentially good, doubling each month since our hard launch January 1, 2008. It's our sense that it's the right solution at the right time as it's nearly impossible for the "average guy" to buy big tickets using conventional borrowing sources.
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                    socrates Newbie
                    Additionally, if you happen to be the seller, or want to be a buyer, for any big ticket, hard to finance item, you should definately look to us as a solution. Using American Money you can complete your sale fast with virtually no hassle cost effectively and at a very fair price for all. That's certainly important today!

                    We're also looking for sales and marketing staff nationwide on a fairly regular basis.
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                      My business has doubled in the last 12 months. Not the regular trend I know. But we offer website hosting for small business and every small business is looking for new ways to make money.

                      Since my product is just $10 a month and has the potential to increase a business for any type of business we are booming. We are also a fraction of the price of companies like godaddy and yahoo,so lots of converts trying to trim the budgets.

                      It is getting seriously hard out there. We notice much higher credit card declines and people who just can't even pay $10. But there are enough people paying $100 that are jumping at the lower price.

                      I don't know what that says about my competition, the number must be decreasing. Lately most of my calls are people just trying to get by and using a friends credit card or trying to pay on paypal becuase their bank account is drained.

                      I am glad I am selling a $10 product, becuase if I was on the top end I don't think I would be smiling as much as I am these days.