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    Presidential Candidates and Small Business

    Tori Scout
      Hi Community,

      How do you feel about the Presidential candidates and how their agendas stack up for small business?

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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Small business always seems to be on the short end of the stick....we are looked at as a source of revenue for the Treasury Department.

          I believe that for a small business to succeed that the business owner must first practice self reliance, have a good accountant, above average money managing skills and a high credit score...that way success is guaranteed and not dependent on what party holds the Presidency, the House or the Senate.

          I certainly do not worry about who gets elected. I maintain my 'business management integrity' and go from there.
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              caffeinated Scout

              I wouldnt consider myself very political but I like to keep myself in the know so I can at least have an opinion on the subject and not look foolish when it comes up in conversation. But you're right DomainDiva, I never heard anything relating to small business in any of the debates, the RNC or the DNC. Maybe I spaced out or nodded off when they did? I would assume that healthcare would be the #1 concern for a small business owner. Well at least its at the top of MY list.
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  Healthcare is important. My opinion is that it is a shame that businesses are held hostage to providing such benefits to workers through the inferior insurance and health care system that we have. I also believe that a worker also has an obligation to keep him/her self as healthy as possible. (yes I am one of those self-reliant types...)

                  I can discuss this election with the best of them...I drive my husband crazy since I prefer to argue the opposing viewpoint on purpose depending on whom I am speaking with.

                  You have not been snoozing...neither the Dems or Reps have discussed small business. They have talked a lot about Exxon and windfall profits...but no discussions on the little guys that are 80% + of the American business landscape. Oh well. We'll pay our taxes and go on about our business and make money while the rest of them do and say whatever it is they will....
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                I doubt that either Presidential candidate would sign or veto a piece of legislation solely because of its potential impact on small business -- nor are any near future Supreme Court appointments (and subsequent decisions) likely to have a direct effect on small enterprises. So for me as a business owner, the Presidential election boils down to what's good for us as a nation will probably be good for my business. From my perspective, elected city, county, and state officials have a much greater impact on my daily operations.

                Universal issues that affect every business (like health care, taxes, employment law, and other federal regulations) are going to be addressed (or not) by Congress, and will result (or not) in legislation which may be good (or not) for small business. Regardless of your position on what the "best" solutions for business might be, if all it took was a Presidential candidate saying it was going to happen, almost every one of those solutions would have all been implemented sometime over the course of the last 48 years or so.