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    maybe you could help

    claude20001 Newbie
      I am looking for anyone who might be able to tell me where to find a loan.I have applied to almost every bank possible,as well as many online applications.I have just got hired at a job that has great potential.I am very excited about this job.However,I can not get funded the funds needed to be able to start this job.The company will supply everything I need after the first week or two.I just need enough money to get there,for food,and a place to stay for the first couple of weeks.I am located in NY,and the job is in ND.I am only asking for approx.$2000.00.This job means so much to me,and I am willing to repay 25% more in return.If anyone can help,I would forever be gratefull.Thank you for any concideration or help in this matter.You may contact me by email or by phone.

      Claude Thornton