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    Need a business license but running into problems

    mycall306 Newbie
      i have done alot of research about starting my own online business and i believe im finally ready. I already got my DBA and my sellers license, the only thing left is to get a business license. I want to register my business as home based but my city (santa ana, ca) said that i have to get my home owners association ok first, but that has turned out to be a big problem. i checked with city and they said for a business license they do not take p.o. boxes, they need a physical address. how can i go around this problem?
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          I live in FL not CA, run a home based business and have a HOA.

          I have heard of HOA's giving variances as long as something meets city code/approval but not the other way around!

          Municipalities typically are not beholden to private HOAs which fall under contract law.

          Are you referring to an occupation license from your city?

          What does your HOA docs say about home based businesses? If you are expecting a lot of traffic at your home you could run into problems. If you do not have clients at your home you are probably better off.

          Does your HOA restrict people from having home offices? I am sure many people in your HOA work from home only if it is part-time. This is the slippery slope HOA's run into.

          If you are expecting a lot of packages, you nay want to look into a "virtual' office" or executive office set-up. You can find these on the internet and they are located across the country.

          Packages consists of phone answering services, mail & package receipt (with a real address), use of conference room space, a fully furnished office, and even a part-time assistant depending on the set-up.

          In my part of the country, you can get the "virtual" set-up mailing address. mail receipt, phone answering for about $7-/month add in an office and it is $350-$450/month.

          Best of Luck
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            You might want to look into a "virtual office" solution, and have that location serve as your business' official address (choose one that provides a legitimate physical address, not a PMB number). I'm not sure what's available near you -- you may have to look somewhere like Irvine to find more options, but it's not like you'll actually go to that location very often (they'll forward your mail, handle deliveries, etc. -- just depends on the services you choose). I'd think you could find something that would suit your needs there starting in the $150/month ballpark (Davinci Virtual is one provider with a lot of VO space in that area -- not an endorsement, just FYI). Good luck.
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              islandboy9 Wayfarer

              Hello Mycall306,


              I also live in a condo with a HOA and they had absolutely nothing to do with getting my business license. I don't see why the city would require your HOA's approval. Maybe you should call the city and explain to them that your business is not a 'strorefront' or walk in store. You did not say what type of business it is anyway. You still have to provide them with your physical address but your business address is your P.O.Box number. I've had my business license for 6 years now.