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    Looking for business credit line

    sheababie Newbie
      I am looking for a business line of credit without attaching my personal information to it. We have been in business for 9 years ,and before we bought it , it was started in 1974 and still going strong. I have a great business credit score . We would like to use it for cash flow , and to expand our business to other states. If you could help me or give me information that would be great. Thank you for your input.
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          Fortis Adventurer

          Good afternoon, hope all is well. Can you tell us a bit more about your business? You mentioned a line of credit. How much are you looking for?
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            Chris_Black Newbie
            I see you are a septic tank company. In today's economy, it is difficult to receive funding witout collateral. A Merchant Advance is a way to receive working capitol without attaching any collateral, and without a credit check. As long as you meet the requirements, there is a 98% approval rate.

            The requirements are:

            Been in business for over 4 months, your company has been in business much longer, so your qualified
            Do you average at least $5000 in credit card sales a month?
            Are you current on your lease or mortgage?
            Have no open bankruptcies?

            That's it. If you would like to go over it further, fell free to contact me:, (866) 942-9199 ext 223. You can also visit our wesite:

            Chris Black
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Looking for business credit line, Welcome

              Tell me more. How large a business line of credit?? For How long??

              Do you have an Accountant?? Prior year tax returns I can see??

              Have you spoken to your banker??

              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                  sheababie Newbie
                  Luckiest , yes I have an accountant , yes I have tax returns , and I want a line of credit not for any certain time , just to have incase somebody doesnt pay me then its there. Or either to pay everything at the beginning of the month. I do not like waiting 45 days to get a check , after I have been told it will be here in 15days. Once I get to that point I have no choice but to file a lien against there property. I dont like doing that , I understand banks hold up the process sometimes but they dont pay my bills or feed my kids so ..... thats why I want it. The next thing is its getting time to upgrade equpt. and I dont want to use my personal credit nomore , i have been in business 9 years ( i know i am not a major ) but i have paid back a loan of over 245,000.00 to the bank for the business, personaly guarantee, not to mention we bought a peice of equipt. and did the same thing , I think i have showed that our business can pay the money back ,I want to purchase a new company truck , its that time. This business has been going since 1974 pretty strong , and still going .... however i would love to expand into other states around me ,but i new eqiupt. and so on. So if you know you can help that would be great.
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                  finsolamerica Newbie

                  We can definitely provide what you are looking for. Please email your contact information to us at your convenience and we will forward the information for your review.





                  TEL: 954-734-9669


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                    sheababie Newbie
                    I am looking to have a line of credit of at least three months of what I pay out so if anything ever happens I will have at least that. Yes i do have tax returns and accountant . I bring in a year close to and sometimes more 400,000.00 a year. We are a strong business , everybody knows us, county , city , but we some of my contractors hold me up because the bank hasnt done this or that , its starts to stress me out , cause no matter what my stuff come due 30 days period. however I make it work , i dont like it , but i do , thats one reason for credit line. Of course during the rain , winter , you dont work . I would be glad to sit talk and give any details needed to some one who can seriously help me , Thank you so much for telling me some information that would be helpful for me. My email is , if you want to send me a name and number to where i can talk to you and give you the information that would be great. Thanks so much Amy