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    Corporation with no employees tax question

    PAB123 Newbie
      If our corporation had no employees last quarter is there a requirement to still file a quarterly wage and tax form? We are hiring 2 employees and we are attempting to get small group health insurance. The Insurance company wants to see the last quarterly wage and tax.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Corporation with no employees tax question, Welcome

          Tell me more. Do you have a Federal I D Number?? Have you ever filed quarterly payroll taxes.

          It is my understanding that once you start filing quarterly payroll taxes, you MUST
          continue filing the taxes even if you have no employees during that quarter.
          You can file a "NONE" tax return and then show that to the Insurance co.

          Do you have an Accountant?? LUCKIEST
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            Bean Counter Adventurer
            PAB 123,
            Welcome to the Forum. When you completed your SS-4, you may or may not have indicated employees. If you indicated that you may have employees then the IRS would have sent out a Form 941 to complete.


            If you have no employees, you can stop the 941 from coming in by letting the iRS. Or some people just file "zero" 941s.

            So to answer your question, you may not have to file 941s. You can certainly check with the IRS as to your filing requirements with a quick call to confirm.

            Once you hire employees, you will report the wages on the 941. If the IRS determines that the wages are below a certain amount, then you can file an annual return called the 944. However, the IRS will notify you in writting when you have qualified. So I would stick with the 941s to be safe.

            As for your insurance company. It is ok to tell them that you just hired employees and have no 941s yet. If they understand tax at all, they should be ok with that answer. If they need some numbers tell them what the employees pay rate is so they know if insurance can be taken out pre-tax.

            That should work.

            You are welcome to contact me if you have any other questions.