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    Farmer's Market Needs Advice

    LUCKIEST Guide
      I am on the Board of the local Farmer's Market. We shot a video that really captured the flavor of the Market.
      *I have some questions
      about confidentiality and whether we are legally able to put pictures of
      individuals on the site without their permission. I wonder if anyone has any
      written guidelines they can share, or whether we should consult an attorney
      about this?. I would hate to see the market get sued. What do you think?*

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          Iwrite Pioneer

          Are they employees or not? If they are employees, a simple wavier may do but for those who you cannot get permission from, there might be a problem. I think an attorney is needed here. You may need to create a wavier like pro sports that say by entering a person agrees to the use of their image. For all you sports fans, read the small print on your tickets.

          If you are not using the people's image to make a profit, there shouldn't be a problem but in this day and age you need to be safe. Consult with a lawyer.

          I feel you on this one. Something as simple and innocent as a video shouldn't require this much thought but this is the world we live in today. Hope this helps.

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Your state law will cover this, but what is generally required is that people are told in advance when and where filming or videotaping will be taking place. For my programs, we actually videotape the notification posters that we put up around the area, and videotape me telling participants (particularly at out of town retreats or volunteer events) that we are taping the event and that if they are camera shy or there with someone they shouldn't be there with, now would be the time to move to the designated "won't be on camera" area. If you don't do those notifications in advance, then you generally have to obtain signed releases. But again, it depends on the state. (If this was someone else's question, I think you'd tell them to ask an attorney -- which is very good advice in this case!)