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    Small investment large return, Serious Investors only please

    rescuepet Newbie

      For serious investors only.


      As everyone knows when you first start a business, it is an ugly baby, website is usually not the greatest and business plan can defiantly use the professional touch. But this baby although ugly now is going to be the next super model

      • Concept June 2008
      • working prototype August 2008
      • 680,000 hits in first 12 days
      • Solid 1200 hits per day
      • 178 Members 15 days
      • Industry specific search engine, community, and more
      • Income from advertising forecast 3 years 1.9M
      • Official full professional website launch October 1 2008

      What my company needs is funding for next 6 months. We have invested $19,000 in operational expenses to get this far. Our marketing strategy is sound. The industry consumers are loyal. No other technology exists like ours for the industry.


      We would prefer to work with someone in our region in the Northwest, but willing to consider out of area investors with certain restrictions prior to accepting investment funds.


      TO get to round A funding we expect a budget of only $50,000, once you look at our marketing, technology and forecast 50,000 will seem like nothing.


      But to reach our goal we defiantly need the initial push.


      If you are interested please email me directly at


      I will give more info by email only