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    Looking for loan/investor-3 projects

    TadorDre Newbie
      Location: Atlanta, GA

      Project 1-
      Established company (2001)
      Gross Sales 2007: 1.6mil
      Due to the economic pressures our business has slowed tremendously. I am looking for financial assistance to keep assist with cash flow, keep with competitors, marketing, payroll, business travel, move offices, etc. I've tried to obtain additional funds from SBA to no avail. Need approx. $75K-$100K-Payback 2-3 years

      Project 2-
      High End Boutique
      Need Start Up
      Financing for building rent, build out, product, etc. Need approx. $35K-Payback 2-3 years

      Project 3-
      Car Wash
      We have sourced a great location for a car wash in Atlanta. Need a financial investor that has a minimum net worth of $2M (excluding personal residence), with $500,000 in liquid assets (i.e., cash or marketable securities only.

      Please let me know if anyone can assist