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    Software for marketing mix and ROI -- need your feedback

    wanichols Newbie
      I'm new to the forum - I heard about this from the executives of Bank of America who we've been talking to about a business relationship.

      My company has created software for small and medium sized businesses that very accurately recommends the right marketing budget and the marketing mix (which tactics -- yellow pages, print, television, search, display, radio, outdoor, etc.) a company should use, and what the likely results will be. It also provides a mini P&L to show the actual impact different marketing budgets will have on your sales and profits.

      As a fellow entrepreneur (this is my third company), I would love to get your feedback about what you'd like to see in our software -- we are deploying it this month and have several hundred businesses using it and raving about it. We want to make sure it specifically answers the questions people like you are most concerned about - namely, how much should I spend, where should I spend it, and how do I spend the least amount to get the most sales.

      Thanks for your feedback - we'll take any and all suggestions very seriously!

      Wes Nichols