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    FYI . . . Small Business Index score

    Lighthouse24 Ranger

      Purely an FYI post . . . the Gallup Small Business Index score is a sum of both current and future expectations of small business owners based on six key measures: financial situation, cash flow, revenues, capital allocation, job hiring, and credit availability.

      The latest (August 2008) score of 48 points is the lowest since the score was created (highest was 114 in December 2006, and the previous low was 69 in August 2003).

      Trouble spots (according to the National Federation of Independent Business) are in two areas: (1) continued slowdown in labor markets (with no net increase in small business hiring occurring) and (2) capital spending (with only about one-fourth of small businesses planning capital outlays in the next six months).

      If there's a bright spot in the metric, it's credit availability -- only 5 percent of established small businesses reported difficulty getting the credit they needed (though things are obviously tighter for new/start-up companies).


      Your results may vary . . .