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    How can I improve traffic to my website?

    deserturchin Newbie
      I started a website at so that I could have a homepage that would link to all of the popular websites. It makes browsing the internet much easier and simpler. Plus it has a google based search bar for targeted searches. It has been up and running for about three months and only fifteen users have registered. I see regular daily visitors but it doesn't seem like it is growing. Please provide any suggestions and or help.

      Many Thanks!
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          your_web_guy Adventurer
          as for traffic, be patient... none of the search engines know you exist yet. Once they do you still arent guranteed any traffic, but at least you have a chance if you start working on your incoming links now. Trade links with folks and get listed on other directory sites such as yours.

          on another note, the reason you arent getting many people signing up is because they dont know why they should. You have little to no action text or information about what benefits there are for signing up. Convert the traffic you are getting now and then when more traffic comes you will convert more of it as well.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            improve traffic to my website

            Monday August 11, The Wall Street Journal had an article

            "How to Create A Successful Web Site For Nothing"

            It might help you, LUCKIEST
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              DMIGUY Adventurer
              First, dig through some of this forum and you'll no doubt find some great tips. But tips aside, you need to understand what it takes to develop a good website using great "Content" and then know what tools are available to get your site to climb the Google pyramid.


              Your_web_guy said it, you have no content that would compel someone to take a look or for a search engine to log your site.

              I've suggested a book in the past, "Killer Web Content", by Gerry McGovern. Easy reading and gives you a great base from which to start.

              Go to and look at the various links they offer.

              If you still want to do it yourself, then learn all you can about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

              Then, be patient ..................... Best of Luck.
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                Brian2Feliz3 Newbie
                Hello deserturchin,

                      • One of the ways I have learned to increase traffic to your website is to use free traffic exchanges. I have been using them since November 2006 when I discovered them. I
                would like to know if you have a website counter on your website. If you do I can place your URL into some of the traffic exchanges and you would see and immediate jump
                in traffic Nevertheless the surfers coming to your site may not be who youare looking for and they soon continue surfing because what you are offering they were not
                looking for. If you would like to know more contact me and I will respond.

                      • What I also learned is that you just do not want increased traffic to your website. You want to learn about these list of key items relevant to your website traffic reports on:
                If you would like more information about how to go about learning more send me a post or email and I will point you to where I learn the information below in steps 1-6.

                1) Visitors
                2) Site Useage
                3) Referring Sources
                4) Key Words
                5) Page Useage
                6) System Statistics
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                  mturner Newbie
                  Rule of thumb is:

                  For internal SEO
                  Design your website to the technical specifications of googles webmaster guidelines.
                  This is for internal SEO - optomization.

                  Have a site map so every page can be seen from your index - home page.
                  This info is all on googles webmaster guidelines.

                  For external SEO.
                  Make sure your website has lots of useful information and most importantly make sure your content is original.
                  Update your website often.
                  Sign up to may online forums that are related to your website and help people.
                  This means reading forums and post quality replies and leave a link to your website behind.

                  Last real results take time and a lot of hard work.

                  If you dont know how to design and develop a website to googles webmaster specifications you really need to hire an experienced webmaster to do these things for you.

                  I wrote several articles on the topic of internet marketing - SEO on a blog.
                  I hope you find it useful and fun to read.



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                    haiwin Newbie
                    you may list products/service to various classified sites,which will bring some traffic to your site
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                      snipergrunge Newbie
                      You can do it yourself by building links and creating more content for your website. Be active in social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.