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    Selling does not mena "Selling"

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      To establish rapport with prospects, concentrate
      on uncovering their needs and desires as they relate to your product or
      service. Start out with "first level" questions that lead naturally to more
      in-depth questions to get to the true needs and desires of your prospect. You
      may cover issues and concepts that no one else has ever asked about, and they
      might have to take time to think because they've never even thought about them
      before. This will go a very long way to establish you as someone who really
      cares about clients' interests. In many cases, they will tell you that nobody
      has ever taken this level of interest in what they want or what they need.

      When you move into your presentation, tailor it
      according to the initial conversation and the questions you have asked. When
      you are conversing naturally and authentically, you can tailor as you go, much
      like a sailor continues to adjust his sails as the wind shifts. Staying true to
      your own personality type gives you the freedom and the knowledge to be able to
      customize your presentation at every point.

      Selling without "selling" means taking the time
      to really understand how another person likes to be communicated to and then
      talking about your product or service in ways that work for them. There is a
      natural progression to the conversation. There is no official "close." Often,
      you reach a point where the obvious question is, "Well, shall we go ahead?"
      Everything's been taken care of along the way, so there's no need for trick
      closes or a hundred ways to answer objections. There really shouldn't be much
      of anything to answer when you get to the end if you've done the front end

      Audoo pocast that really works...