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    Six Needs That Make Proespects Buy

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      The less energy you give
      toward objections, the less likely they are to come up. When objections do make
      an appearance, though, try these steps and apply the seven drivers to kill the
      monster while it's tiny:

      1. Certainty. Any time that we can show
      people with our product or service how we're going to create a greater sense of
      certainty for them, we are tapping into an emotion that will compel them to

      2. Variety. As much as
      we want certainty, we also need variety to keep from getting totally bored. We
      seek variety through travel, relationships, books or anything else that will be
      new and different from the everyday routine.

      3. Significance.
      Significance drives a lot of people to buy products and services. The meaning
      significance, though, can be quite different from one person to the next.
      Mother Theresa and Donald Trump, for example, both had a need to be
      significant. Appealing to a buyer's need for significance, therefore, means
      that you need to understand how that particular buyer defines the term.

      4. Connection. People
      need to feel connected. How can your product or service help the prospect feel
      more connected to other people? There are many different way to meet this need
      in your selling.

      5. Growth. If you're
      not growing, you're dying. You can position your product or service to tie into
      that need to grow ? it might be financial growth, increase in professional
      stature, educational improvement, growth in their ability to serve other people
      or growth in the recognition that they're getting from their peers.

      6. Contribution. Every
      human being wants to know that their life matters, that they have made a
      difference on the planet, and that they contributed in some way. If you can
      position your product or service to appeal to the need to make a contribution,
      you will have the prospect's attention at a deep level.

      Motivation-based selling
      comes down to dialing in to how your product or service helps your prospect
      meet their emotional needs. When preparing your sales messages, continue to ask
      how your offerings reduce pain and gain pleasure for your prospects in terms of
      these six needs.