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    Bad credit

    tenayrochell Newbie
      Hello all,
      I need a little help with a few financial matters. I am in the process of opening a homebased Cakery business, and i need a line of credit for start-up, but i have bad personal credit, so i dont know what options I have left. Every thing that I have tried has been based on my personal credit.
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          notaging Wayfarer
          Hi Tenayrochell,

          Have considered a home-based business that would cost not you as much? A business that would build a "Residual Income" for you? Selling a product that has been medically proven. And on national TV
          A business that it doesn't matter if you currently have bad credit or not, bad credit can be fixed over time when you have the income coming in to pay all your bill's on time.

          Please check out our web site (**) and watch the 2 minute video and get back to me. Try this, send all your friends and family to this site and watch the response you get, you will be on your way to building your business and "GOOD CREDIT" again.

          Have a great day.

          Mike Emard

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            efairch500 Newbie
            Have you considered going through a credit repair program? I work with a company that works with approximately 15,000 clients a year. On average we receive a 127pt. increase to their FICO score in 6mos. We have attorneys on retainer who challenge all the negative items on your report. We have a triple guarantee in place to assure your satisfaction. You can reach me @ 847-722-4659. I look forward to going over all the benefits of our program with you.

            Eric Fairchild
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              credit, Welcome

              Tell me more. Who are you?? Where are you??

              How large a line of credit are you looking for??

              How do I get in touch with you??