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    FREEdom Weekend - FREE this Labor Day Weekend

    Warm Spirit Newbie
      Are you looking for a change?

      In this economy, you know the importance of having more than one stream of income. This is a great opportunity and a "once in a lifetime" chance for you to become the CEO of your own personal franchise and join a phenomenal group of men and women. The Warm Spirit community is growing rapidly!

      Warm Spirit just announced FREE enrollment through Monday 9/1! This will start you as a new business partner with an ID number only, allowing you to earn extra income starting today! This offer does not include a starter kit or any inventory. There will be nothing mailed and no tax and shipping charged to you.

      What this offer does include is an opportunity to CHANGE your life and start taking charge of your future today. It is absolutely FREE to start your Warm Spirit business this weekend only.

      All applications have to be faxed in by your consultant, so call me at (770) 943-0768 to get started right away!

      Please check with your associates to see if they are also ready for CHANGE and we'll build your team right now! If you are not interested in another stream of income, please be sure to share this gift with someone who we can help.

      For more information about us, visit this link, see the attachment, and give me a call.