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    Bank loan question

    coverexile Newbie
      When applying for a traditional business bank loan, do banks actually
      take your business D&B paydex score into consideration? Or do they
      focus more on your personal score/guarantee,revenue, length of time
      in business, growth,etc.
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          Mark SLF Wayfarer
          They look at all of the above.
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            Bridge Navigator
            It depends what you mean by "traditional".

            I worked for a company and placed our debt financing through a "traditional" bank loan. They did not care about any personal credit scores. It was a $10 million loan for a $20 million revenue company.

            If you are referring to a small business loan, they will look at both and depending on the longevity of the business, assets involved, etc. may require a personal guarantee.

            If you can provide a little more detail (how big of a loan, business info. etc.) you may be provided with more detailed answers to your specific question.