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    Looking for Help

    automotive Newbie
      I'm looking for help.
      I'm a 41 year old divorced Mom and Grandmother starting up a new business.
      I've recently gotten an automotive business license.
      Because of a divorced, my credit is not good.
      I know that this business will grow and make it. I just need the help getting it started finanically.
      I've tried getting a goverment grant but can't seem to get the right connection.

      Any suggestion would be very helpful.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for Help, Welcome

          If I was Looking for Help, I would start with SCORE. SCORE can help you and SCORE is FREE

          Tell me more about this Automotive mechanic business that works on Semi Trucks, Trailers,
          Foreign and Domestic vehicles. Do you have a Business Name?? and a Federal I D Number??
          Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan?? How many employees will you have??

          What else can I do to help, LUCKIEST
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            SohoConcierge Wayfarer
            Hi There,

            Welcome and good luck with you New Business. I would strongly urge you to look
            in to getting your credit fixed. It is a lot easier than it sounds. Let me know
            if you need help with it, I can do it for free in my spare time or you can do
            it yourself. A great place to look is " ". It
            has tons of information on how to fix your credit without paying anyone a single
            penny. I hope this helps. Remember your credit is one thing you will need the
            most to grow your Business.


            Best Regards,

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                automotive Newbie
                Thank you for your help. I looked up the web site and have been reading over it. Some of it is
                confusing. I really do want to get my credit straighten out. I want to have the be mechanic business
                around. KC's Truck & Auto Repair will work on any and all vehicles from semi trucks to the foreign and
                domestic cars/trucks.

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                Fortis Adventurer

                Good afternoon, hope your day is well. Tell us more about the business.

                Does it have a location?

                Where state are you in?

                What will the financing be used for?
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                    automotive Newbie
                    The name of my business is KC's Truck & Auto Repair.
                    Located in Summerville, South Carolina.
                    It's a home based and mobile business at the moment.
                    I have one full time mechanic. I have some one to tow for me when needed.
                    I'm able to get parts from all auto part stores in town.
                    I need financing to buy or rent a shop big enough to fit a semi truck into
                    and to buy the equipment need to run a shop. I want to be able to hire
                    more employees. I want to have the best mechanic shop around.
                    I know this business can grow and offer job oppertunity to the community.

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                    hchung Wayfarer
                    Hi Automotive,

                    I am the manufactory from China and interested in your business.

                    Maybe we can coporate in Auto Parts Business.

                    Would you mind let me know more about your business?

                    Please feel free to contact to me.

                    Shou Ie L.L.C