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    Serious About being Your Own Boss!

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      *+If you know your tired of getting paid less than your worth. Then you might need to fire you Boss. I have the best home base business in Texas and Georgia. What do you think about residual income and getting paid thousands off the efforts of others? If you are really serious about becoming your own boss, give me a call and begin to work from home making more than you do


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          Serious About being Your Own Boss!

          Residual income in ACN is received by representatives as a
          commission for personal customers. It is called "residual" because it
          is paid on already-acquired customers who continue to pay their ACN
          phone bills. ACN claims to have the highest customer retention rate in
          the telecommunications industry, and attributes this to most customers
          having pre-existing family- and friendship-relationships with their
          representatives, as well as to excellent customer service. ACN also
          designs its telephone pricing to compare favorably with about 80% of
          their competitors' plans, which provides an additional incentive for
          customer loyalty.


          As compared to


          Passive income is a rent received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.