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    Start Up Cost for Professional Pet Grooming Shop

    mygrooming Newbie
      *Prof. Pet Groomer w/ 20 yrs. experience looking for start up capital of $8,000 - $10,000 </strong<br />
      I am a hard worker with a career that I have come to love and have a real passion for; Working with Domestic Animals. I am looking to start up my own pet grooming facility in the fast growing Woodbury, MN community. I've worked in the Woodbury, MN area for the last 10 years and I have done very well.

      An opportunity has become available to me to lease out an 815 square foot building at a reasonable price. I have the bare essentials to start, but I still need the more expensive items that are needed to run my business, such as tubs, kennels to hold several pets at once, dryers, tables, a building sign, and miscellaneous grooming products to effectively groom the pets. I would like to also carry a small retail section for home-use grooming products and for pet food. I already have a solid client base waiting for me to get moved in and would be earning reasonable income right away.

      In 1988 my aunt helped started me in the pet grooming industry. She invested in me for all my basic equipment; the facility, tables, ECT... was already installed. Just after all the agreements were signed my aunt had sold her pet store, where the grooming facility was located, to another private party. They had breeched my contract that I had with the store and after six months of starting the business I had to close the facility. During those six months I had built up 50% of the clientele base to be returning clients.

      In 1994 I rebuilt the grooming clientele/department for a Veterinary Clinic after four months of no groomer. By 1996 I had grown it enough to support three full time pet groomers, each grooming seven pets per day. The business is still continuing today and for each year that I was there the facility was voted "Best Place to Groom Your Pet".

      I started work for a major pet corporation in 2001 in the Midway Area and then in 2003 was transferred to the Woodbury area for same company. In 2004 the facility was also voted "Best Place to Groom Your Pet". In 2003 I also receive a First Place Award in competition for pet grooming.

      My goal is to become a Master Pet Groomer for our field. It helps in credentials of teaching students, teaching fellow groomers like me, show's my clients that I do know what I am talking about and to have a higher end in pricing because of my knowledge. I will also increasing my knowledge by going to seminars for my continuing education in our field.

      I have the know-how and the drive; I just need an Angel to believe in me like my clients have for years. If you need further information please feel free to contact me. I am looking to start the business with in two months.
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          Bluesuit Adventurer
          You certainly do have the qualifications. In the event you can not come up with the funding to start your own grooming shop - have you considered maybe having "onsite" services - you can travel to the pet owner's home and do the grooming in the comfort of the "pet's" home. Kind of like a "mobile" groomer. The costs to start this will be substancially lower. This maybe a good first step before opening shop.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Start Up Cost for Professional Pet Grooming Shop, Welcome

            As Bluesuit said "You certainly do have the qualifications"

            Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan. A Bus Plan is one of the
            first items an investor will want to see.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                mygrooming Newbie
                Hello Lucky,

                Sorry this site is still pretty new to me. And for the last few weeks I've been pretty busy with kids going back to school.

                As far as a business plan yes I have one done, a financial plan, start up invetory list, I also have demographics for the community and a 2004 demographic of the pets in the community. On my financial plan from my calculations I am show that I will immediately being in the black and that is starting out with the bear minium of clients per day, per week and per month and slowly increasing to end up with 7 to 8 clients per day by the end of the year, equaling about 140 to 160 pets per month. After January I have a possiblity of increasing to another groomer which in return could do the same number of pets and adding on a bather that can bath about 8 to 10 pets per day. The average ticket per pet groomer will average $35 to $45 per pet and as for a bather their average ticket per pet is $10 to $20.

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                  mygrooming Newbie

                  Hello Luckiest,

                  I just wanted to touch back with you. I've been still in search for the financial backing that I am seeking for my adventure. You had asked me about business plans and yes I have them. I just noticed under your section about you that you are a SCORE counselor. I just met with a gentleman from my area that is also from SCORE. He read my plans and he told me right out that my business plans was one of the best ones he's ever seen and he also said that he can tell if a business can or can not make it and he said that mine looks like it will make it. Unfortunately he said that there is just no money to loan for small businesses.

                  It's a now a week away from Christmas and I tell you I sure missed out on my best time of the season to earn $$$$$$. I go to a few homes right now and groom the small dogs but here's that problem with that. I feel really uncomfortable grooming in my clients homes and one of them has me grooming her dog in the garage and right now today we were +1 degrees and with wind-chill -22 degrees and January still hasn't come where it get's just as cold.
                  The gentle man who wants to rent to me still keeps checking in with me but I kept telling him where I'm at with the situation. I still can't find the $$$. It really sucks with this economy and the more and more time goes by the more and more I am getting depressed in full filling my dreams. I know lots have made the suggestion of going to work with another groomer in her shop but I've tried to work for others and I'm just tired of them taking advantage of me and my skills. I tell you I read a huge book on Running a Small Business and wow the laws that come with it and I also learned how bad I've been used by past employer's and it's really made me think what I can do differently to be a good employer and have employee loyalty.

                  I've even reconsidered my options and I'm even willing to open with less than the original amount of $8,000 to $10,000. I figured that I can cut back on my supplies and equipment in order to do this. And what the lowest I can start with is $5,000.

                  The most important I truly miss my animal friends deeply, so any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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                      NoBullFunding Scout
                      That's a nice compliment that someone from SCORE likes your business plan, but to goes as far to state that you will will make it as a business seems a bit irresponsible. In today's economy I'm seeing startups drop like flies, and not just businesses that offer "non-essential" services. Dentists and CPA's are failing as much as deli's and fast food joints.

                      I'm not saying to never follow your dream and open a store, but it just does not seem like the right economic climate. The guy who wants you to rent from him keeps following up with you because he's probably got many tenants who can't afford their rent and needs the money himself. If I was your banker, I'd tell you to keep doing what your doing, and when the business has built enough of following, then think about renting space. Banks just don't have the risk appetite right now for businesses without a track record.

                      I hope I'm not coming off as too negative, but I'm seeing people LOSE everything because they decided to try and open a store, and now their financial lives are ruined. If you can build your business without committed to large overhead costs, then you'll really have something.
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                          mygrooming Newbie
                          Thanks Nobull, your not coming off to negetive your just voicing your opinion. I did a four year projection based on the community that I've worked in for the last 11 years. I heard and seen all the needs that are needed for our community. Since my wrongful dissmissal from previous employer I've been in contact with alot of my clients and I'm hearing the same story from them all, and all I can say is that hasn't been very friendly or pleasuable for the pets, and this company has lost lots of business. The other major competor in the area I'm not even sure how they are staying open because I've heard nothing but bad repore on the services that are performed. I normally don't like to dish anyone but this is what I've seen and heard for this community. I've always put things on the same level as my clients and made everyone of my clients feel like family. The other thing is I also found is I listen to what my clients want and try to come close to their detail and most are usually happy on the first time we meet, sure I'm no angel I do mess up once in a while and I aplogize for it and I also tell them that now it gave me a more of a understanding of what they are looking for and I can shoot for that next time, but yet again I also tell them I may not get it completely until third grooming session. I've have more happier clients than unhappy clients in my 21 years. Enough of dragging on here but anyhow in my four year projection I kept everything real for the amount of clients I can do and this is not counting on the walk in clients that come in.

                          I though of one other thing that I thought of if your remember I said in my very first post that I had worked for my aunt and she helped me the first time. Well one thing that I learned from her is how to be a penny pincher and she was very business savy. So she taught me alot on how to run a business successfully.