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    Seriesse Int'l - Health & Beauty + Job Opportunity!

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      Hello, Everyone

      I've been gone for several weeks and thought I would check in to post what I've been up to!

      Well, after buying and trying several Seriesse International products this yea, I decided to become an independent consultant!!! Surprise, surprise! I receive an instant 30% discount on all my new purchases, which is awesome. I also now work with clients interested in skin care and health products. It's been different and fun, since I am a banker and a jewelry branch out even more.

      I have been helping ladies look great on the "outside" with my jewelry and now I have this opportunity to help MEN and WOMEN look and feel great "inside" & "out"!

      Seriesse Int'l is a company owned by Sylvestor Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin-Stallone. They are solid, they have 12 years in the business. The people behind the scenes know what works and have done all the hard work, so if you are looking for an affordable business opportunity, I would really highly recommend you give this a whirl. The Introductory Kit is only 29.95 and comes in a beautiful presentation folder consisting of 2 DVD's, 4 Product catalogs and materials. You can see if this is your cup of tea.

      The company is for MEN and WOMEN, which is nice. Slyvestor Stallone just released a new whey protein shake...and already has vitamins, energy drinks, green tea, etc. For ladies and men, there are various targeted skin care lines for all ages. This is a pretty cool opportunity. In 2 weeks...I have 2 official clients with questions coming in. You invest as much time and effort into this as you want.

      Please check out my Seriesse Website and let me know if I can be of further help. Thanks!!! Here's the link:

      I also have a Serriese Style Blog:
      **Have a GREAT day