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    Open for business

    M_oneputt Wayfarer
      We have the First "High End" Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in the state of Washington ( We are opening in September and are # 2 in yahoo searches for the state of Washington. To date we have referred over 50 people to appropriate facilities and are now taking reservations. This is the first of 3 centers planned in the state.

      If you want to know more about owning a piece of this business please feel free to contact me directly.

      Thank you,
      Mike Garcia
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          sweetshop08 Newbie
          That is great after you referr them do you keep track of the out come from start to finish. How many have completed there process and have returned? I live in LA and is there something that you can do or contacts that can do those referrals to LA locations? I am only asking to expand your business because i am in LA.
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              M_oneputt Wayfarer
              Yes we do keep track of all the residents once they have been through. We do have extensive plans to expand. The LA CA area has many quality facilities. Our expansion is focused on areas the have a smaller number of available bed per capital. If you know anyone in need of such services, feel free to go to our website, call our toll free number and we can direct you to the facility in your area.