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    cindy47 Newbie
      I was wanting to know if anyone knows of anyone in the Staunton,Virginia
      area thats looking to making additional income or to supplement their income
      working from home on a very spare time,part time,or full time basis?Working from 2-10
      hours a week.I'm looking for prospects that need what I have,but don't have.If you know
      of ,or hear of anyone,can you send them to me please? I enjoy talking to people
      everyday.I really need to get my business going here.What I need is people
      seeking something that a 5th grader can do here.ANYONE can do this if you are 18 years
      of age.You don't have to have a high school diploma,no college education.Just be consistent
      and persistant.Just SHARE a magazine with someone,put someone on a overview call,send them to a website,hand them a dvd and ask them if they will watch it so you can
      follow back up with them,get them on the telephone with one of the experts from the company.
      Let someone else other than you tell their story how Pre-Paid Legal Services,Inc. had
      changed their life for them.And this is all that you do,just share,follow up,3rd party expert on call with them.You sit back and take notes from that conversation.Is this business simple? YES it is!
      Facts tell,but Stories sell.If you can assist in helping me,I certainly would appreciate it
      very much!

      Cindy Marshall
      Independent Associate
      Pre-Paid Legal Services,Inc.
      Small Business Certified
      (540) 448-3720
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          notaging Wayfarer
          Hi Cindy,

          I saw your listing here. My name is Mike Emard I recently started my own home based business as well. I have chosen to do Anti-aging products, mainly the Galvanic Spa from Nu Skin.
          This is a at home, hand held device which will remove fine lines and wrinkles.

          Google: Galvanic Spa

          Perhaps we could help each other out