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    S corp help

    k100001 Newbie

      I am full time salaried employee and now i want to form my own S copr company but I do not have any idea how to go for that. What are procedure requierd to form the company and how much money is required to register the company?. Please provide any guidance or website link to get me started. I appreciate for your help.

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          DMIGUY Adventurer
          Piece of cake to do it yourself, but unless you know the difference between the types of corporations, definately see an account for guidance.

          Anyway, go to hit Electronic Filing and follow from there. It's under $100. That will set up the corporation. You will then need to select your type of corp, and afterwards you should file for your EIN (Employee Identification Number) and even have file an 1120S with the IRS. File your annual report on the same website, and then you should take all of these documents and go to a bank and open up a checking account. Last, go to the local municipality and get your Occupational License. Then, if you have not already done so, go see an accountant. You're in business.

          The whole process, accountant and all should cost you less than $500.

          Good Luck.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            S corp help, Hi and welcome.

            It is very easy to form your own s corp. Do you have a Business Name??

            You can go to and get a Federal I D Number

            Go to Members page and tell us more about yourself and your business.

            Then there is SCORE, SCORE is FREE both in person and on line and they can help you,

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              Mybizfiler Adventurer

              If you are a Citizen or Resident of US, you can very well form S Corp. To Qualify for S Corp, the corporation must have maximum of 100 shareholders.

              The S Corporation is a Standard Corporation that has elected a special tax status with IRS and need to file Form 2553. The S Corp. must need to complete a tax return but does not pay taxes directly. The shareholders report the income or losses on their individual tax return and avoid the possibility of double taxation.


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                m.rick Wayfarer
                If you are a US citizen or a resident alien you can and it is fairly easy. First file in your state for a corporation. When it is approved get an EIN number from the IRS, also remeber to file an S election eith the IRS. All corporations are c corps util the IRS approve the s election. Go to it has some straight forward info about doing it yourself and a link to all secretary of states so you can file yourself. Good Luck
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                  Bridge Navigator
                  If you are in Florida, you can file online very easily as DMIGUY pointed out.

                  Most states have some type of online electronic filing.

                  I have created several corps. in FL and the on-line filing takes less than 15 minutes and is very straight forward.

                  1) File online with state
                  2) Get EIN from the IRS (also very easy)
                  3) File the S corp election (Form 2553)
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                    VisionDance Newbie
                    Hi there,

                    I recently started a new dance school and formed an S Corp. I was a little nervous about handling it myself and didn't want to hire an expensive attorney. After a lot of research, I used Corp America. Here's there website:


                    The were relatively inexpense, very thorough, informative and fast.

                    I hope this helps!