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    Planting Seeds

    ibalnet Newbie

      "With every deed you are sowing a seed..." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850 - 1919) writer, poet, journalist.


      John C. Maxwell offers these observations about planting seeds. It all is about giving value before you ask for (expect) something in return.

      • A lot of seed must be scattered to produce a crop - It's challenging to find people who see value in your and your business.
      • Not all soils produce - Not everyone is interested in your business.
      • Must continue sowing - Marketing is a continuous effort; we learn how to focus on our target market.
      • The soil that produces will multiply - Customers will help you spread the word.
      • Reap in proportion to what we sow - Market a little, recieve little revenue; market a lot, receive more revenue.
      • Cannot do anything about last year's harvest but you can about this year's - Once it's over it's over; learn from what you did and move on.
      • Must believe in the seed you sow, knowing that some will produce - You must be committed to your market, your products and your strategy.
      • Once we see fruit, all our effort seems worthwhile - Profit is our reward; monetarily and professionally.

      Italic comments are mine.


      Question: How prolific and proficient are you at planting seeds?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Planting Seeds, Welcome

          *Very well put. *How prolific and proficient are you at planting seeds?

          Start with children. What you put into them as a child, you get back many bold as they grow.

          Then there is "Mighty +oaks +from little acorns grow." and finally

          Your word is your bond

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            Vince Adventurer
            Hello ibalnet! Welcome to the Community,

            Great job relating the planting of seeds to today's business. Are you a marketer? Go the Members tab and tell us about yourself in the profile section

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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              Good thought-provoking post. Thanks!

              To expand on yours and Dr. Maxwell's analogy (in a way that certainly seems relevant to the SBOC forums) . . .

              Lots of business owners are sowing plenty of seeds, yet are barely getting by. To be able to reap enough at the end, they conclude that the only option is to sow even more seeds to start with -- and they are very troubled when nobody will loan or give them the money to buy those additional seeds.

              In truth, it isn't just about sowing and reaping. One has to take good care of the crop in between those two events, and one has to harvest it efficiently when the time comes. The real problem underlying business growth is often not a lack of capital ("seeds"), but rather inefficiency in and a lack of attention to key business processes (i.e., "bad farming").
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                I like to think I am a good farmer.
                I don't try to plant more than I can harvest or use chemicals to make things grow unnaturally.
                I prefer to grow things naturally, not rushing or attempting to control the crop's growth but letting it become what it will.
                I'm selective in where I get my seeds and what hands I trust to work on my crop.
                I take the time to understand the soil I am planting in, always looking for weeds and rocks that can impact the crop's growth.
                I try to be careful to not use up the land and to leave some of my crop for nature and strangers less fortunate than myself.
                I enjoy farming my crops, and try not to compare my farm with anyone else's. I am content with the course I have selected.
                I don't curse the weather, it is nothing personal. I am thankful for both the sunshine and the rain.

                In the end, I am happy feeding my family and friends from my labor.

                Great question.