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    Consolidating Business Credit Card Debt

    successminded Newbie
      I have been in business for almost 2 years, and have acquired about $17,000 in Business Credit Card debt. One of the cards has suddenly gone up to a very high interest rate, and another card company mislead me into signing up for another card, which was supposed to have greater perks/benefits. Once I did sign up for the card, I was issued an entirely different card, in which they said was an even better card w/greater perks/benefits than the one I applied for. I activated the card & spent a little over $1K on it, then found out they expected the entire balance to be paid at the end of every month, plus they charged me a membership fee, which was supposed to have been waived the first year. I called them and explained my frustration with them, and they did remove the membership fee, as I told them I was cancelling the account. However, they have put me in a financial strain by misleading me, and I feel that I must consolidate all the cards in order to get the payment to a more manageable level. I need some insight as to the best way to go about this, in order to get a great fixed rate for the length of the consolidation loan. What advice can you offer?